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Merry Christmas!

Hey, friends! Hope all is well.

Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope this day and everyday brings you good cheer and happiness. I can't wait for 2019. It's going to be sweet. =)

Advanced Copies of Blaze Monroe and Broken Heart will be out sometime next week. Most likely, Wednesday. Here's a quick snippet.

Chapter 1: I Should Have Tried Harder.

She breaks free from my arms, and there’s little I can do to stop her.

Once her mind is set on something, she always does her best to follow through—for better or for worse. “Sailor? Sailor! Don’t! Your dad said to stay put. Sailor, c’mon! Don’t do this. Sailor, please!”

She storms out to her car, defiant as ever, while I continue to plead behind her as she nears her vehicle.

Unfortunately, she’s been refusing to hear my case.

“Blaze, leave me alone,” she booms. “I mean it.” I pause for a second but then find it within me to tail her once more despite her demand. It’s not as simple as she’s making it out to be and deep down, I know she understands—she just doesn’t want to hear it.

Against my better judgement, I grab her by the wrist. She turns to me and rips herself free, her eyes on the verge of crying, yet filled to the brim with fire. I know I overstepped, but her piercing gaze makes it that much more apparent; that much more shameful.

“Don’t you ever touch me like that again,” she snarls.

“I’m sorry, I—”

“He’s my freaking dad, Blaze. My dad. I can’t let him go out there alone, not to something like that! Do you really expect me to just sit back and watch him go while we work another case? I’ve already lost my mother. You…you can’t be serious. I don’t even understand how this is an issue. This isn’t just another hunt for me. This is life or death. You know that.”

It’s always life or death, Sailor. I want to remind her of that horrible fact, but I decide to keep it to myself. It’ll only make things worse.

“…He’ll be back,” I force out, dampening my emotions. “There’re other hunters. Good ones. People from all over the country. He told us to stay put…look out for one another.”

“Yeah? And what does that mean exactly? We’re fine, but he’s not. Do you know where he’s going? What he’s going to be up against?” Sailor lifts a hand up and away from her body, gesturing out towards the sky. “He wasn’t even sure, himself! Grah!” she wails in frustration and resumes her walk.

“He’s not going to be alone. We’re out of our league with this one, Sailor. We’ll only slow him down. He doesn’t need that.”

“Like, hell.” Sailor whips around. “It’s not like we don’t know how to hunt. He wants us to find a werewolf for Pete’s sake. You’d rather be slumming it in this shitty town than help them out? We’ve been chasing leads for almost three years, Blaze. Three years! Count ’em out,” she says as she sticks her fingers in my face. Behind her fingers, I can see the pain in her eyes. The anger. The resentment. The rage eating her from the inside, out. “Three years of straight hell, and I’m not ready? I’m going back to their camp and I’m going to tail them.”

“Sailor…he knows what he’s doing. They have a game plan.”

“Yeah? Well that doesn’t mean he won’t get himself killed.”

“Exactly! That’s why he wants us to stay behind!”

“He’s family, Blaze. Don’t tell me that if you had a shot to fight for your dad, you wouldn’t.”

There’s a long pause between us. An ocean’s worth. Bringing up my dad…that’s not even fair. It’s not even a valid point. He wasn’t a hunter. No one from my family was.

They were victims…and I did what I could for him and everyone else.

I survived.

-Preorders for Blaze Monroe and the Broken Heart start on January 8th-

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