Alex Villavasso

Fantasy Author


The Last light Series


Redemption -FREE!

Wherever there are Abnormals, there's calamity. Emil knows this all too well.

Ever since he was a child, he’s been on the run, trying his best to hide who he is—an Abnormal; an ordinary person gifted with superhuman abilities.

Emil only wants to live a life of peace, but unfortunately, that life comes at a steep price. For years he ran, but now, he fights.

Read as Emil does battle with a member of the king's and fights for his survival in this action-packed story that serves as prequel of The Last Light Series.


The Dreamer & the Deceiver

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Emil is an Abnormal: a seemingly normal human being gifted with superhuman abilities.

He lives in the hadows until he makes a mistake, endangering everyone he loves.

Enraged and sick of running, Emil swears a path of revenge by single-handedly waging war against the king of the land.


The Last Light Box Set

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Grab the first three books is this ongoing Superhero Fantasy Series and save!