Alex Villavasso

Fantasy Author


The Pact Series

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Crossbite -FREE!

Vampires are picking off college kids and turning them to grow their ranks. So far, at least a half dozen are confirmed to be connected to the case.

We're going to stop them...the three of us. Dad, Blaze, and myself, and save who we can along the way.

Dad's worried about us, but I can handle myself. Blaze can, too. Even if it's risky dealing with vamps, he has to trust me because that's the only way we'll be ready when the time comes to face Mom's killer.


The Darkest Night-2.99

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Alone. Desperate. Vengeful. Sailor Ray is a demon hunter on borrowed time.

Both of her parents died, and she was next in line, but a demon gave her a second shot at life for the ultimate price.

Her soul.

Now, the demon lives inside the young hunter while she races against the clock for revenge.
Sailor's slowly losing herself to the darkness, but it'll be worth it to bring damnation to the demons who ruined her life.

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The Pact Box Set - 6.99

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Grab the first three books is this ongoing Urban Fantasy Series and save!